Website Creation  -  Portfolio  -  Membership  --  --  Social Marketing has been making and hosting websites since 1995! We are a family-owned local business residing in Spearfish. We make a lot of Joomla based websites because they are so easily controlled and updated.  We currently host approx 400 websites for local area businesses. We hire 2 local programmers and 1 local data entry person and 1 other programmer who lives in Montana.

We often use Joomla. - is the software we use to create new websites.  Joomla comes with a Word Processor built into the Control Panel (administration) of the website. The website owner or administrator can call up the individual website pages and edit them with the built-in word processor. (We also work with WordPress and Drupal and any PHP & HTML style sites.)

Joomla websites are very compatible with Google and other modern search engines. All of the Joomla website templates we make are Mobile Compatible - and work well on virtually all cell phones and tablets!

Building Websites from $300 on up.   

> $300-$600  Using the same template as these sites use:

horse thief
western heritage

Notice the menu bar on the top is easy to navigate and see.  The background sections are all changeable. 
We use your logo and photos supplied by you for the home page slideshow.  You tell us what pages you want, we create those blank pages.

We can do virtually any additional customization you might want. We have the ability to enter all of your website data/content/information to the pages, and/or we are happy to work with you or your representative.  Our 'adding-content' rates are $25 to $40 per hour depending on the difficulty of the task from ‘filling in forms’ to going out and finding (and creating) information to post.

Possible Additions:

    1. A blog.  This requires installing a Blog Extension (blog extension is free, requires about 1 hour's labor)

    2. Adding in Facebook content. (I'd suggest it’s ineffective, send them to your Facebook page instead) This would require another Extension to install - (free extension again, requires 1 hour to install and configure)

    3. Adding in a Photo Album - (30 minutes to 1 hour labor)

    4. Events Calendar ("Jevents" from Joomla, about 1 hour to install and configure) Or a blank page one can simply type out the new event info and delete old events. 

Other Customization: We have access to 2 local graphic artists who have made website designs for us in the past. We put you in direct contact with the artist who can come up with some ideas for you or design to your specifications.  Typically this is a $200 to $400 process. They also create logos and other graphics too!

Ask about our $300 Special to convert your older style site into a new Joomla site compatible with all the modern phones and tablets.

Some of the websites we've done:  (See our Portfolio for more, lots more!) - Keystone Reservations site
,, - local Campgrounds

www.VisitHulett.comA local Chamber of Commerce site. Kevin Costner's 3 sites we do. - and many more...

Some of our own sites: -  Biggest and busiest website related to the Rally that is privately owned (non-official). -  our newest site -  LOTS of good info Our site Our e-commerce site,,, and more ...

We also do E-Commerce! We use OpenCart ourselves ( & and help with a variety of online stores for our clients, including Magento, Jcommerce and PayPal Buttons.

Website Hosting:
We have been providing website hosting services and email since 1995! (Hosting is the service we provide where your web site sits on your WWW servers (Cloud Based since 2012). We offer the Cpanel ( Control Panel for convenience.
> We have an overall 99.99% up-time during the 22+ years of website hosting we have provided!
> Unlimited Website Storage
> Unlimited Traffic
> Email* (IMAP and/or POP3 and WebMail) Spam filtration is available.
> Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backups
> AWStats (and other) Website Stats programs to analyze your traffic
> FREE AutoSSL (other SSL certificates are available at their normal costs)
> Domain Name Management**

In short, we offer all the normal unlimited hosting services as other Full-Serviced website hosting companies offer, including email, which is often the most difficult part.

* Many Hosting Providers want to host your website, but don’t want to help you with email or your domain name management. Those ‘extra’ tasks can be difficult at times and many simply don’t have the expertise (or patience) to help you coordinate your email settings on various email devices (computer, phone and tablet)!
** Managing a domain name can be difficult today as well. There are TONS of “marketers” out there waiting to take your domain name should it lapse for even an hour! Membership information: We offer a lot of visibility!
ALL non-tourism websites which we host are included in the member services for FREE!
ALL tourism websites which we host are included for ½ price!  

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