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Marketing Your Website: Your website is just a bunch of electrons waiting to be seen! Like the Tourism Rackcards at the highway rest stops, if the tourists don’t see them, they might as well not even exist!

We offer additional marketing on the social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Adwords purchasing on Google and Facebook Promotions are also available.

We offer a few standard Social Marketing Packages and we can customize any marketing campaign to fit your needs.

Step 1:
urrent Social Marketing Review: $100 (or a combination of services described below equal to $100 or more)
A analysis of current social marketing efforts and determination of future Marketing
Goals and Outcomes. Includes looking at competitors, adwords costs and other traffic building strategies.

1. Facebook (or Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+) : $50/month (Create Social site if needed. One time charge estimated at $40 - $100, depending upon details)
> Work with the owner to get
more “likes and followerson Facebook page and website.
> Generate 4 posts per month of content related to the website.
> Log into the Facebook site once per week
(minimum) to check for and correct problems. (Charges may apply to fix hacked sites)

2. Facebook Package #2: $75/month
> Same as #1 above plus additional 3 posts per month (total of 7 posts per month).

3. Facebook Package #3: $100/month
> Same as #1 above plus additional 6 posts per month (total of 10 posts per month).

Sturgis Rally Package (or other big events) $200
> 14 days of consecutive posts prior to the ‘event’. Posting of events, near by happenings or whatever might be applicable to your event and business.
Up to 28 posts.

Online Surveys: $50 setup using

General Social Marketing help, Consultation & Training: $45/hour (in office)

Marketing Over Kill and Hype - It’s an electronic world, so of course we have a boatload of information to sell.

Google Analytics: An incredible (and yet free) service from Google to help you analyze your traffic.
But like the website which no one sees, who cares about all the analytic information if you are not actually using it for your marketing purposes (and very few people do!).
If you’re not buying Adwords, or targeted mailing lists, this all may just be information overload.
BUT we normally recommend that websites setup Google Analytics, (and a Google Map to your business address) in hopes that Google will like us/you more when we use their services. Its a natural SEO choice, even if we can’t prove it works. Also one day you may choose to buy Google Adwords, making this very worthwhile.

Facebook Hidden Pixel: Is a way to let Facebook know which of their Facebook users has been to your website and/or Facebook page. If you do Facebook marketing in the future, you will already have an ‘audience’ built of who to advertise to.  

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