Website Creation  -  Portfolio  -  Membership  --  --  Social Marketing has 5 Advertising Zones.
(see zone map below)

>> "Upper 6" (is also repeated under "Lower 6" zone) $160/month or $1600/year, 3 month minimum
Size 142x78 (pixels), JPG, GIF or PNG

>> "Lower 6" $140/month or $1400/year, 3 month minimum
Size 117x105, JPG, GIF or PNG

>> "Zone A" (See top right part of page, you'll see a 468x60 banner) $75/month or $750/year
Size 468x60, JPG, GIF or PNG

>> "Featured List" (is a text listing, no graphics) $75/month or $750/year
Max of 23 Character Spaces

>> "BH Riders" ( - see bottom of pages) $125/month or $1250/year
265x90, JPG, GIF or PNG

- Upper-6, Lower-6 and the Featured List show up on most of the pages on the site.

- Zone A is on many of the pages of the site and is shared with a group of banners. We allow up to 12 banners in that group during the slow months and up to 20 during the 3 busiest (June, July & August).

- BHRiders - We have 4-6 photographers stages throughout the Hills taking photos of the riders as they go past. We will get upwards of 500,000 photos from each rally! This part of the site gets TONS of traffic. Folks will sit and go through each photo for hours! Even the past years photos get decent traffic.

Miscellanious Sections:  $40/year for basic text listing.  Additional banners or graphic enhancements are available (ask us). 
  > Motorcycle and Car Rentals
  > Shipping your Bike to the Sturgis Rally: 
  > Getting Married at the Sturgis Rally:
  > Organized Riding Tours in the Black Hills:

General Banner Information

What we have found: Sometimes Banner Ads don't work well to sell an individual product. They usually work well at Branding and at selling or conveying ideas (like needing an electrical boost/jump, or running out of gas, etc.) but a poorly designed banner ad will often be a waste of your time and money no matter where it's placed and no matter how many folks see it.  It's worth spending a few dollars more for a well designed and attractive banner ad.   

Animations work well Be sure one of the frames prominently shows your Website address!

We have also found some folks refuse to ever click on a banner ad! Ever!
We tell everyone to ALWAYS display your website name in a prominent way on the Banner Ad...
Branding with Banner ads works! Even though they might not click on it, you will probably notice your traffic picking up from folks simply typing in the domain name, or Googling it and then clicking on the Google link.

Typically banners will get a 1% (0.5% to 1.5%) Click Through Rate. At best, we get folks to click on the banner, but selling them is up to you the advertiser, after they get to your site. (It's easy to blame the advertising website if the product doesn't sell well, but a small graphic would have to be pretty phenomenal to actually make the sale! You should expect similar looker to buyers ratios for any like motorcycle site which involves traveling and riding like the site does.)

Counting Traffic & Results: Your BEST method to know your success rate is to use your own website’s Analytics! Do not rely upon the ‘facts and figures’ offered by banner ad sales people. There are so many confusing factors that can be filtered out by looking at your own traffic information.   Use Google Analytics or similar and you will KNOW where your website traffic comes from!

We have the Rally Goer’s Eyes!  Generally speaking, is almost always the 1st or 2nd link when one searches Google for almost anything related to Sturgis and/or the Sturgis Rally. 

sturgis ad positions Traffic: Traffic can be difficult to quantify at times...   We maintain balanced Cloud Servers which serve the web site (through caching) to the rest of the world through CloudFlare a worldwide website content delivery system. Between dual servers and caching, traffic can be difficult to calculate.
In a normal month (April 2017 in the examples below) did almost 5.5 million page views and we've done well over 60 Million page views in previous Rally months alone!  

April 2017 internet Traffic

CF stats



One Day in April 2017

1st week april 17

Traffic Stats 2 Susccessful Rally Campgrounds can help your business!

2 sites stats

 These campgrounds are Members with  Their information is listed in the "Places to Stay" sections.   

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